Smithsonian Logo Guidelines

The Smithsonian brand and its visual identity components are currently under revision.  A new branding guide and updated logos will be available in the late spring/early summer of 2018.  In the interim, please contact for any branding needs you may have.


Our logo is uniquely Smithsonian—it is a quick identifier that carries the weight of our reputation in a quick glance. Our logo is more than just a symbol; it is a registered trademark that belongs solely to the Smithsonian and our units and cannot be used by any other organization or museum. This trademark means that we need to protect our logo’s integrity by using it correctly.

The Smithsonian logo contains two elements:

  1. The sunburst, which consists of two design elements: the sun and the circular sky around the sun
  1. The Smithsonian word mark


These two elements together create the Smithsonian logo. They have been trademarked and are protected legally when used together. Using these two elements separately may be allowed, but please refer to the guidelines for the “Sunburst” section for specific rules on how you may do this. You can use Smithsonian or Smithsonian Institution interchangeably.