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Brand Strategy

We can no longer rely solely on demographic-based targeting. We can’t treat audiences as a single homogeneous group. Given that we also can’t reach each person individually, the concept of developing segmented audiences allows us to better understand behavioral patterns and psychographic motivations of like-minded individuals.

Our Vision

We aspire to:

Build on the Smithsonian’s unique strengths to engage and inspire more people, where they are, with greater impact.

Our Mission

We work for:

The increase and diffusion of knowledge.


Brand Values

These are personality traits that give life to our brand:


Smithsonian is…


We stay true to the Smithsonian’s purpose to increase and diffuse knowledge.


We connect the dots so the public doesn’t have to.


We inspire confidence in our audience.


We reflect an understanding of audience needs and interests.


We’re smart and accessible.


We genuinely enjoy sharing information with others.


This is how we talk:

We are more than a museum.

We are the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex.

Ex: We are an active institution of more than 22,000 people across 19 museums, nine research centers, 21 libraries, and the National Zoo.

We are relevant and accessible.

We are opening new doors, analyzing big questions, and sharing stories with you.

Ex: We research the impact of invasive species to help solve environmental challenges.

We are active.

To better understand the world and our place in it, we are on the ground in more than 140 countries researching, conserving, designing, and educating.

Ex: We inspire hope in underrepresented communities by training them to protect and recover their cultural heritage in the face of crisis.